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• Kermit Cycling

• Cronenberg’s Crimes of the Future 

• How Bounce Beats Was Made In Da 90s

• Milton Glaser's 'To Inform And Delight'

• Baauer's Feature Film "Planet's Mad"

• Jacques Greene's 'Fever Focus Mixtape' 

• Jacques Greene’s brilliant RBMA Lecture

• Inspirational Writing Advice From Charlie Kaufman

• A Full Concert From The Beastie Boys Live In Glasgow In 1999

• An Interview Between Psychedelic Painter Mati Klarwein And Fusion-era Miles Davis

• The Filmmaking Principles Of Takeshi Kitano

• Mike Tyson's Best Entrance

• Amazon Echo: Young Lean

• A Great Documentary On Goa Trance

• The Costume Design Of Bram Stoker's Dracula By The Great Eiko Ishioka

• Universal Mind Of Bill Evans Documentary From 1966

• Björk Interviewing Arvo Part

• Jay Z And Timbo - Yup The Classic Clip W The Gulp Cup

• Detroit Techno City Documentary

• Laurie Anderson On Letterman

• The Best Ever Video: The Dipset

• Conway Tearing Up Funk Flex

• Method Man Interviewed In The Def Jam Office With One Of The Best A&rs To Ever Do It: Tracey Waples

• Brian Eno Telling Us Not To Get A Job

• Behind The Scenes On Kurosawa's Dreams
• Arthur Russell, The Loft And The Creation Of Dinosaur-L's 'Bang!'

• Allen Ginsberg's Eulogy For Arthur Russell

• A Very Rare Clip Of Hud Mo, Rustie And Flying Lotus Playing Together In Glasgow Back In 2009  

• Herbie Hancock Jamming On His Fairlight CMI

• Future In The Studio with TNGHT for Pitchfork TV

• Squarepusher Interviewed In 1996 Toying W An Sh-101

• The Neptunes Eight Planet Documentary

• David Rudnick's Strelka Talk From A Few Years Back, Setting Out The Challenges For Graphic Design Over The Next Few Decades

• The Many Costumes Of Peter Gabriel

• A Film We Love About What To Expect On A Zen Buddhist Retreat Called Bodhidharma's Shoe

• The Prototype Walkthrough Of The Unreleased Sega Mega Drive Game Version Of Akira

• Crushing Fruit In A Pair Of Osiris D3 

• Hud Mo's Guest Spot In Twin Peaks Season 3

• D'Angelo EPK For Voodoo

• Philip Glass, David Byrne And Alan Ginberg Talking About Arthur Russel In The Epk For Another Thought

• The Insane Mini DV Footage Of Justin Timberlake and Pharrell Writing Justified

• The Making Otomo's Classic Feature "Memories -メモリーズ" (1995)

• Black Mountain College: A Thumbnail Sketch

• Limit Cycle, taken from Genius Party

• Ithaca (scored by Vangelis and read by Sean Connery)

• An Interview with Dominic Flannigan (LUCKYME) 

• Don Cherry (Swedish TV Documentary from 1978) 

• Nosaj Thing live at Brainfeeder

• Large Asteroid Impact Simulation

• David Rudnick at Strelka 

• An Evening With Tim Heidecker

• Jar Jar Binks, swimming