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New music is created every day and an avalanche hits us every New Music Friday. Something we're always talking about over here, is defining our primary inspiration relative to the shit that just occupies the timeline. Prince called peoples core music taste "the street where you live". Our releases exist in a lineage stretching long before and far after us — and these playlists speak to that idea. As oppose to simply shuffling our new release beside a new rap single: we aim to tell stories through the music that inspires us. We hope you enjoy this suite of playlists taking you around the street where we live.

Official Releases

The best way to stay up on everything we release. For albums, we select just a couple of songs so things stay varied and flow well. 


Music selected to play through the day



Music selected for active concentration


S-Type presents new beats from our friends and family

Eclair Fifi Selects

Music selected by one of our founding members and head of River Rapid Records, Eclair Fifi 


A showcase of ambient, jazz and experimental music released on LUCKYME

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