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The above image is Hud Mo's bedroom in his mum's house, in a basement in Glasgow's West End - circa 2006 around the same time that "Hudson's Heeters" was released. We used to go round here to steal his decks before playing parties when we were at the art school. There was no label then - we were simply friends making music and playing small shows together. The Blessings (Dominic Flannigan & Martyn Flyn) continue to run the label. Martyn came up with the name "LuckyMe". It was his idea to release the hybrid music that we’d started to make on cracked software, throwing it up on Myspace. Around that time Hud Mo had partnered with Mike Slott under the name Heralds Of Change to put out a couple records. The scene in Glasgow was starting to come together. We were playing parties alongside Rustie and the guys who went on to found the Numbers label. We started the label to put out the first Hudson record with the help of Rub A Dub Distribution. Called "Hud Mo Says Ooops!", it sold out every time we repressed it. Enough to keep us doing it.

We started to tour, becoming friends with like-minded promoters, artists and scenes across the world. In Amsterdam there was Rush Hour, Patta, Cinnaman & Tom Trago. In Los Angeles there was Fly Lo, Brainfeeder & Dublab. In Vienna there was Dorian Concept, CID RIM & Affine Records. In New York we got to know Kingdom, Machinedrum and the artists hanging around the Dante’s Fried Chicken parties. In London there was Deviation, Benji B, & Patchwork Pirates. And most significantly for us in Montreal, where the promoter of our first show was an 18 year old called Philippe Aubin-Dionne, now known by Jacques Greene. The support act that night was Lunice.

Dominic and Martyn both moved back to Scotland, dedicated to turning this label into a business while holding down day jobs in clothing stores. LuckyMe had started to get written about in press as a hot new sound but we never felt comfortable with all the bizarre genre names thrown at us. We sought to diversify the sound associated with LuckyMe by signing a rock band called Americanmen. Members of which later released solo projects for us as Sevendeaths and Claude Speeed. We were introduced to Eclair Fifi around this time through Konx Om Pax. She was one of the few DJs playing music we liked in Scotland, blending new hip hop and club music into techno and electro. Our favourite DJ, we started working together.
Calum (Spencer) at Numbers was head of digital at Warp at the time and was instrumental in signing Hud Mo and Rustie to Warp, where they both put out their debut albums. We reached out to Travis Stewart aka Machinedrum and signed him just prior to playing our first takeover at Sonar Festival in Barcelona. S-Type had already been producing rap records and was known on the scene of the Louis Den Beat Battles. It took him a while to start working with us but we kept hounding him. He was always the best doing it.

We followed a whole genre of young labels who hosted shows on Rinse FM & NTS, travelling down to record shows in London beside Hessle Audio, Night Slugs & Hyperdub. Joe Coghill’s club in Glasgow Baller’s Social Club had placed LuckyMe acts alongside a lot of the best talent in the world coming through the city, connecting us to so many artists and DJs. In 2012 Dominic moved down to London to live with Hud Mo. It meant when our friends were touring they had somewhere cheap to crash and not long after moving down, Lunice came over for a week of shows. At the time Hud Mo was renting a tiny studio from MJ Cole and in just two days Lunice and Mo had made the TNGHT record. We approached Warp to ask permission to release Hud Mo’s music outside of their contract together, and we made a hand shake agreement to put out the TNGHT ep together as a 50/50 release. That record blew up. Enough to keep us doing it.


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Music. Clothing. Art.

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