The most wonderful time of the year: LUCKYME Advent is the first online music advent calendar, releasing a track per day through the first week December. Launched via primitive dreamweaver html back in 2009, the series is responsible for the sharing and dissemination of tens of thousands of MP3s over the last two decades. Historically this series was littered with dance edits and club tools, broadening with our roster to offer a unique showcase of the best new music in the world. 




18 Dec 2020
Pay any price for any format you prefer. You’ll receive a link for the full album. Label’s share goes entirely to The Extinction Rebellion Global Relief Fund.

2020 has been a lot of things but at LUCKYME® it hasn't been devoid of hope. While reckoning with the global health crisis and the renewed drive for racial justice - we’ve been forced to ask some valuable questions about what this project is.

Paradoxically, our family (the roster of musicians and the team supporting them) have seen one of its best years. It has been challenging but we’ve been grateful for the significant projects which kept us focused: hustling to create when we could have easily been spiralling on our phones. 2020 gave us the time to listen too, and we’ll see the benefit of that in 2021 with a whole clique of new signings to work with. Our current roster continues to improve as they push into new ground. Without wanting to diminish the experience of the last year, we feel positive about the future. For this years Advent we asked the crew to consider the theme of "utopia", and what it means to leave 2020 behind. Once the smoke settles, there will be new growth. What does that sound like?

Our advent showcase has served as a charity drive for many years. We’ve been touched by the generosity of supporters. Our record deals mean we split our profit equally with the artists. If you donate here, we’ll pay them their share as normal. The label’s share though, will go entirely to The Extinction Rebellion Global Relief Fund. There are so many worthy causes out there. We felt climate resonated with the theme: looking ahead at what our world ought to be.

Thank you again for your support of LUCKYME®.


Advent 21

2021 and another year done… omicron surging through my veins as i write this. Man, every year we ask the team to send us their tracks at Halloween and every year we’re chopping and changing moments before launch. But that’s how it’s gotta be and that’s what’s so vital about this series, now in its 12th year. This never gets more relaxed. We should probably be spending this time of year chilling out and reflecting on what’s coming over the horizon but vinyl lead times already got us making records for July. It’s like the digital and the physical world are pulling further and further apart.

We hope you love this compilation as much as we do. Thanks to the artists and everyone involved in getting this together. Special shout out to Scott Pilgrim, Leo Martin, Issac Larose and Emmanuel Mauriès-Rinfret  for their images and code. Cameron Morse, Abdullah Al Wali, Albert Carter Philips and Jennifer Metcalf. We don’t shout out the team at the label enough. 

So, come back daily to hear this 14 track compilation from across the roster build out and give a hint of where things are going in 2022. Love from LUCKYME®.

26 Dec 2021
Pay any price for any format you prefer. You’ll receive a link for the full album. 

2021 Expansion Pack

Buy every LUCKYME® release which came out this year. All bundles include tote and sticker pack. On a year where we released experimental jazz, soundtracks, avant pop, hip hop and a spectrum of club music - you can stay up and own it all here.


One of the founders of LUCKYME® has paid their way into the United airport lounge B2 in Heathrow Terminal 2 and is sat in a far corner alone. The bar back here is playing very quiet Tiwa Savage which is totally fine with me. This isn’t normally my scene but the flight is going to be five hours late and I need somewhere quiet to work. Kučka and Lunice both sent me folders of new music and I have to change the copyline on a Seiho record. The flight delay means we launch this Advent series four hours after I land in LA.  First thing on my to-do list is write this blurb. I read back all the prior introductions and I don’t know if I should be embarrassed but I don’t really have a big *mission* this year. I’m feeling very un-punk right now. Reading back it feels like there’s been this hanging existential threat over the music or the art but the temperature feels decidedly more mild at present. This year we put out phenomenal records from Omega Sapien, Kučka, Cid Rim, Doss, Cameron Morse & Bloodz Boi, Jacques Greene & Skee Mask, Nathan Micay, Baauer, Eli Keszler & Duendita and Nosaj Thing. Hud Mo came back with a vengeance on Warp and Rustie just played live in Glasgow at Numbers. It feels like things are pretty fucking good right now.

In July we let our 15 year anniversary slide by like it was nothing because a lot of these other labels really be going hogwild celebrating the fact their parents paid their rent for the last decade. I’m not sure we all need to observe the anniversary of Fact Mags sixteenth best 12” of 2012 but whatever floats your boat. What I’ve been thinking about lately is legacy looks after itself as long as you just don’t quit. And there are three ways not to quit: ¹do it yourself, make a business and make interesting music  ²play the game, sign a deal and make pop  ³grow up with money. If you notice someone’s been around a long time it can be a fun game to ask yourself which category they belong to. Something about the fact lots of that generation of artists still freuently drop music is making me think all my own worry over the years in these blurbs was just because we’re sold disruption and volatility in the attention economy. But maybe things aren’t so bad. For the cover art of Advent this year we asked the incredible Paul Peng to create a large illustration that summed up the mood of the world opening up post-pandemic: this nervous, frenetic energy on the streets with people baring knives, ultimately forced to move around structures that always existed. In contrast the LUCKYME® logo is solid, cutting through the noise of the image. In the real world this label has already worked to create a space where things needn’t be so stressful. It gives artists the time they need to make a great record. It gives the team who work at the label a constant, varied flow of art and campaigns to work on. As the label solidifies itself, our ambition naturally grows. We’ve got very little to prove anymore. And if we’re faithful to the art and not wanting to repeat ourselves, I can see that some of our artists are chosing to make bigger and weirder records that want to stretch out into the world. We already have a few of those ready to run, alongside an exciting roster of new names debuting on LUCKYME® in 2023. We can’t wait to get started. Okay they are boarding through gate thirty three I got to go. Hope you enjoy the comp. Tell people about it. Love from LUCKYME®

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