28th November 21
Virgil’s last DM said “must resurface all foundational material” - joking about a scribble jam flyer shared on his stories.  The ultimate post cool ambassador: Virgil was kind. Generous. Earnest. And honest about his influences. No arrogance. No ironic detachment. The fan who saw that the way people gain context was changing, and as avatar he could stir desire by expressing his love of culture. He understood he could flatten it all on ig. I’ve been thinking about the stories I’ve taken for granted: I remember showing him S-Type’s Billboard cover before we went to print. And we talked about high/low a decade ago, suspended in Emil’s studio three floors above a Chelsea gallery. Cruel Summer spilled into the halls while we sat there talking about breaking into institutions or becoming one. You will be sadly missed. 

Eli Keszler - Icons+
17th November 21
Icons has been award Bleep’s ‘Album of the Year’. To celebrate, Eli Keszler, Nolan Thies and Dražen Bošnjak have created a Mach1 Spatial edition of Icons+ on a customised app to experience the album in unmatched detail. Alongside these new mixes are a range of new products that expand the album from Mono Cassette to a scented candle with Joya Studio in Brooklyn. Explore the full range here
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TNGHT - Tums
4th November 21
A new power ballad just dropped, alongside announcement of a last minute LA show this Saturday 
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Features: Rooms by Jonas Vogt
3rd October 21
“there was space in the city for everything to develop”. We asked Jonas Vogt to unpack what’s going on in Vienna: a scene that never got a dumb genre name painted on it.
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Jacques Greene - ANTH01
16th September 21
Announced Today. A collection of Tracks from early out of print Jacques Greene 12”s spanning the first 10 years of his career. Featuring the classics that introduced him to the world - The Look and Another Girl -  as well as collaborations with Koreless and How To Dress Well tracks from his releases on 3024, Night Slugs and his own Vase imprint and two new exclusive lost tracks from the era: ‘I Won’t’ and ‘Faded’.

Lunice Anniversary Reissues
8th September 21
A decade since he first appeared on LUCKYME®. Lunice brings special editions of his first 3 EPs - Stacker Upper, One Hunned and 180º.  He has raided the archives and made unreleased tracks available for the first time. These new expanded deluxe vinyl versions also include significant remixes from the likes of Rustie and Girl Unit.  Vinyl/Tshirt Bundles available in the store.
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Songs of Vienna
1st September 21
Today we announce the new album by Clemens Bacher aka CID RIM. Songs from Vienna is a psychedelic ride from the Austrian capital.

For around a decade Clemens has built a scene in Vienna for jazz influenced electronic music. Working as songwriter and producer with Petite Noir, Denai Moore and Damon Albarn over the last five years it became natural to involve his own voice in his music. When we started receiving demos from Clem, featuring hazy beach boys harmonies we knew his music was daring to evolve.

Songs of Vienna, out October 15, is an album of the year. It feels like the world at the moment... saturated with history and daring to leap into the future for answers. These songs work as intimate pop records - a young man moving to London and reflecting on his home town. Or treaties on a symbolic Vienna: colonialism, social democracy and the climate disaster. But the album is refreshing, full of life and sonically unmatched: with live instrumentation and choirs brewed into his electronic compositions, Clemens has made a brave leap forward. And you gotta hear this thing...  

31st July 21
Baauer (Harry) & RL Grime (Henry) collab released today with our friends at Sable Valley to commemorate their headline at HARD Summer

Lights Down Low
30th July 21
Jacques Greene & Doss head up LA mainstay Lights Down Low in secret location 

“Cult DJ Doss”
27th July 21
Interview Mag attends Doss New York headline show with Shayne Oliver, Goth Jafar, Abby and Nick Leon 

25th June 21Proud to release the new album by NYC percussionst & composer Eli Keszler. Icons out June 25: a latticework of melodic percussion, drum set, and electro-acoustic instrumentation, built upon fragments of American abstraction, ancient scales, industrial percussion and jazz-age film noir to achieve its feeling of imperial decay. Keszler’s instrumental performances are framed by panoramic recordings of New York City and the Odyssey Cave. Expansive music that takes on forms difficult to describe outside of the loss and wonderment that defines our age 


30th Apr 21
Proud to announce KUČKA’s debut album is out today. The Guardian gave ‘Wrestling’ lead review: “Wrestling sounds like nothing else out_ this year, which shouldn’t be surprising given that its author is a conduit for the most cutting-edge sounds in the world.” → more

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Features: New Music Writing
26th Feb 21
We launched a new section of our site dedicated to great music writing from friends of the label. The series starts with R.C. Clarkes piece ‘Microtuning’. In his own words, a piece “... about tuning our ears to some frequencies of blackness we may have forgotten about.”  → more

Jacques Greene: Promise
24th Feb 21
Jacques Greene posted a 6 second clip of new song ‘Promise’ to NFT art platform, Foundation. The owner of the file also gains the publishing rights to the track. An original application for NFT and the prospects of Web3, Promise sold for 13ETH (worth $24,300 at the time of sale) and was covered by Music Week, First Floor, RA and DJ Mag. The project raises many questions about the value of music. We explore those themes in detail, here → more

21st Feb 21
To launch our new page on Foundation we minted an original illustration from our first release, Hudson Mohawke Says Oops! → more

2nd Sep 21
KUČKA announced her debut album out on LuckyMe in April, via BBC R1X premiere with Jamz Supernova. In Australia the new single ‘No Good For Me’ was premiered on Triple J → more

2nd May 21
Good day for TNGHT. Hud Mo launched a clothing collab with Braindead and jumped up on their NTS show. Lunice dropped new single ‘Run Around’ → more

How Long Gone
1st Feb 21
Baauer gives as good as he gets on Them Jeans and Chris Black’s ‘How Long Gone’ Podcast → more

30th Jan 21
We met Sophie in 2013 around the release of ‘Nothing More To Say’. Quiet, smart and iconoclastic - her talent was obvious. When putting on these shows - stressful showcases running around foreign cities -  we take for granted the trust we gain for each other. To discuss how you were to perform was to understand how you wanted to present. It lead to conversations about art and music that became the basis of our friendship. Sophie, we love you and would of loved to see where you would take us.

12th Dec 20
Our advent calendar 2020 is out everywhere. Buy it from bandcamp. 50% of the profit goes to the artists. The other 50% goes to charity → more

8th Dec 20
A new CID RIM song premiered in Apple’s launch for the AirPod Max. The track’s a hint of what’s to come from Clemens. We can’t wait to let you hear this album → more

Industry (HBO)
4th Dec 20
In collaboration with HBO, Badwolf and the BBC - LuckyMe proudly present Nathan Micay’s official soundtrack to ‘Industry’, a series centered on new graduates finding their place in the hedonistic world of international banking. The score is Nathan’s best work to date: a timeless, evoactive synth score due to receive a lot of attention → more

Baauer - The Boptape3rd Dec 20
As a thank you to fans for the support this year, Baauer drops a 19 track mixtape of tracks made live on Twitch - hosted by comedian Patti Harrison → more

Planet’s Mad is GRAMMY® Nominated
26th Nov 20
Planet’s Mad by Baauer has been nominated for best Electronic / Dance Album Of The Year at the 2020 Grammys  → more

Nosaj Thing - No Mind
21st Oct 20
Jason Chung releases an ep of beats and ambient electronics, evocative of Susumu Yokota & Angelo Badalamenti...  → more

Beat Battle
20th Oct 20
Lunice jumps up on Kenny Beats Twitch to host the beat battle  → more

The Poundcast
19th Oct 20
Baauer guests on DJ Doug Pound’s podcast  → more

14th Oct 20
Kučka drops a new single with a premiere at Triple J. A record about contual growth, ‘Ascension’ received an amazing video from director Dillon Howl → more

Get Up!
13th Oct 20
Clem Bacher aka CID RIM returns to LuckyMe with a glowing new single. The track featured in Apple’s new keynote → more

RIP James Stinson 3rd Sep 20 James Stinson passed on this day 18 years ago. A thread in memory of one of the greatest artists of Detroit electronic music → more

In Session
1st Sep 20
A week-long intensive producer camp for women and non-binary producers of color → more

Nosaj Thing signs to LuckyMe
29th Aug 20
After ten years of friendship, Jason Chung signs to LuckyMe for an album in 2021. New single “For the Light” out now → more

Poom Jems
28th Aug 20
Hudson Mohawke drops another surprised album, purging the devil’s PC for Warp → more