“...one of the most innovative record labels of the decade, acclaimed for distinctive visual arts projects”

With headquarters in London and a team spread across Scotland, Montreal, New York and Los Angeles - LUCKYME® releases are available worldwide through distribution partners spread across Europe, Japan, Korea and Australia. We sign 50/50 net profit deals with our artists. This means we finance and realise the project and for the term of the contract, 50% of the profits are paid to the artist twice a year. The label’s income ensures a future for the team, our catalogue and facilitates more releases from a spectrum of artists. We sign license deals so that the artists masters revert back to their ownership. In fact everything we make for a record at LUCKYME® defaults back to the ownership of the artist. Through all the tumult of the music industry, this business model still works: creating a co-operative network of artists, promo-team and musicians who together, built an institution for the music we admire.

2007  Glasgow
2012   London
2013   Edinburgh
2015   Tokyo
2016   Sydney
2017   New York
2018   Los Angeles
2019   Seoul
2021   Sheffield
2021   Montreal