The Pit              
Loop. Dur. 15 minutes 

7th March 2022
The Pit is a film created for endless loop. Created from gopro footage (2014, creative commons) treated & rendered in 4 layers of Sierra Lite in discordant resolutions. Order is figurative; emerging from asymmetric dither. A comment on the source film reads "reminds me how to move in chaos”. All 9 chapters change responding to comments on the source film. No one was harmed in the making of this film. Original sound by the artist. Each chapter (1/1) comes with link to full film (1/10) in prores at 4K 48gb & full soundtrack. The MP4 on-chain suffers compression not present in the full 4K you receive. Everyone is smiling. 

Dominic Flannigan founded LUCKYME® in 2002 while attending Glasgow School of Art, where he was accepted into Scottish Enterprise Tomorrow’s Leaders program (2004) and awarded YCN Best in Year (2005). In 2007 LUCKYME® officially turned record label. He became an A&R at Warp in 2012, contributing to records from Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin and Autechre. In 2013 he contributed to the art direction of Kanye West’s seminal album Yeezus. In 2015 LUCKYME® partnered with Warp for worldwide distribution, and proceeded to sign the artists, friends and family who had contributed to the brand. In 2022 Dominic became the Head of A&R at Warp. Dominic Flannigan’s experience spans two decades in creative direction at the junction of music, fashion and emerging subculture. 

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