(LM089) RELEASE DATE 12.07.24

Kučka – Can You Hear Me Dreaming?

    Can You Hear Me Dreaming? is KUČKA’s second album for LUCKYME®. Her decade-plus of experience in the studio shines through on 12 tracks of laser-cut electronic production and irresistible pop songwriting. Slipping out of autobiographical mode and into other people’s stories, she explores the far reaches of her “cartoon brain”, riffing on a personal moodboard of everything from surreal creatures and rainy cityscapes to tattoos and “cute-ugly” pottery ︎︎︎ more

(LM099) RELEASE DATE 06.28.24

Eli Keszler – Harka OST

   Premiering at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival in the Un Certain Regard section, Harka tells the story of a young Tunisian man left to take care of two younger sisters in the wake of his father’s death, and his dream for a better life in Europe. Keszler’s soundtrack reflects the incendiary, interior and bleak landscape of the film, blending tuned percussion and string instruments with lush Vangelis-style synths to create an otherworldly soundscape ︎︎︎ more

(LM111) RELEASE DATE 06.06.24

Tyson – Jumpstart

   TYSON returns with the first taster of new music since the release of 2023’s acclaimed mixtape Sunsetters / Daybreakers. Produced by childhood friend Oscar Scheller (Lady Gaga, PinkPantheress, Shygirl), JUMPSTART is a throwback to the soulful side of 2-step - TYSON at her most introspective amongst crackly breakbeats and warped synths. JUMPSTART is about being able to look at yourself while laughing. Life can be a lot sometimes so it’s about never taking it too seriously, and trying to enjoy the ride” she says. Recorded in LA, TYSON lands on a cosmic, minimalist club sound with her delectable melodies and the experimental contortion of her vocals to deliver a song that seamlessly traverses the worlds of alternative R&B and electronic music ︎︎︎ more

The brand new album from KUČKA, Can You Hear Me Dreaming? is out today.

12 tracks of laser-cut electronic production and irresistible pop songwriting from the self-powered producer, songwriter and vocalist. ︎︎︎ more

Eli Keszler’s original soundtrack for Lotfy Nathan’s award-winning feature film Harka.

A dark and furious motion picture, it won the Un Certain Regard Award for Best Performance in Cannes for Adam Bessa’s lead role, before winning Best Director and Best Actor at the Red Sea International Film Festival.

Keszler’s soundtrack reflects the incendiary, interior and bleak landscape of the film, while displaying his abilities as a multi-instrumentalist - it sees him playing guitar, bass, piano, mellotron, synthesizers, celeste, udu, drums and percussion. ︎︎︎ more

Introducing TYSON to the LUCKYME® Family with first track Jumpstart. Daughter of Neneh Cherry and Massive Attack producer Cameron McVey, TYSON has forged her own path, collaborating with the likes of Dean Blunt and Joy Orbison.︎︎︎ more

KUČKA drops new single Heavyweight ahead of her second album Can You Hear Me Dreaming? out on 12th July 2024. Pre-order the vinyl now︎︎︎ more

A six-track riot of noisy hardware belters from Nikki Nair - Snake is out everywhere today︎︎︎ more

Like the first feel of sun on your skin, Baauer heralds in the summer months with 90s-inspired breakbeat single All My Ladies. ︎︎︎ more

The brand new masterpiece by Iglooghost, Tidal Memory Exo is out everywhere today.

“Tidal Memory Exo is an album I made while living in a rust-ridden flooded squat in a weird UK seaside town. The area has been in an endless storm, causing strange otherworldly primordial garbage to be washed to shore. It’s basically only populated by rogue junk-hoarding scrap weirdos right now. I’ve been trying to get involved in the music scene that’s bubbling up locally. There’s lots of weird new mutated genres and illegal radio stations popping up - completely isolated from the rest of the country because of this massive storm. They don’t really like me, but I sort of wormed my way in and finally got this album together. Tunes about oceanic scum, illegal teletext transmissions, and the prehistoric trilobite angels lurking in the sewers.”︎︎︎ more

Electronic powerhouse KUČKA has announced her second album on LUCKYME®, titled Can You Hear Me Dreaming?, to be released this summer on 12th July 2024. Alongside this news, KUČKA shares a single from the album “Wasting Time (til the end of the world)” and an accompanying apocalyptic music video. Pre-order the vinyl now︎︎︎ more

Rising star Nikki Nair makes his debut on LUCKYME® with brand new EP Snake a six-track riot of noisy hardware slammers. Stream first track Worm and pre-order the EP now - out Fri 17 May. ︎︎︎ more

Welcoming Soo Joo to LUCKYME® with brand new track Running Water co-produced by Hudson Mohawke, alongside music video directed by Santiago Sierra Soler ︎︎︎ more

      A transmission...“New Species is a loud tune I made after seeing 9000 seagulls fight each other in the sky. They were all covered in sticky black oil and divebombing each other. I wanted to make the song sound like things smashing + pummeling into each other, littered with shrill piercing squawk-like gull sounds"... Iglooghost drops the single New Species from Tidal Memory Exo ︎︎︎ more

    “After five minutes of bloodletting, the enveloping drone finally caves under its own weight, leaving no trace other than a crumpled corpse and those familiar plinking ivories once more, a final gulp of frozen air.” - Pitchfork  |  The expanded, ten-year anniversary reissue of Sevendeaths’ Concreté Misery, is available now on limited cassette (edition of 50) on the LUCKYME® store ︎︎︎ more

    Nathan Micay's soundtrack career goes from strength to strength with the new score for HBO Original Documentary Time Bomb Y2K - an exploration into the Y2K Bug directed by Brian Becker and Marley McDonald ︎︎︎ more

    The second in Eli Keszler's series of live double albums, LIVE 2, is available now in limited edition white cassette. Side A was recorded at Alice in Copenhagen, Denmark 03.06.2023; Side B at The Jewels of Toyama in Tokyo, Japan 25.05.2023 as part of MODE Festival ︎︎︎ more

    Nathan Micay follows on from 2023's album to The God Named Dream with his first feature soundtrack for HBO: Reality starring Sydney Sweeney ︎︎︎ more

    DIY polymath Iglooghost announces his third album, Tidal Memory Exo on LUCKYME®: “I wanted to make an album that sounded super relentless, violent, and pummelling, or like filthy tidal waves smashing against walls of rusted sea urchins. It’s an aquatic album, but in a fossilised, sewage-ridden, decaying type of way.”   Tidal Memory Exo is out Fri 10 May ︎︎︎ more

    KUČKA returns for 2024 with One More Night, co-produced by long-time collaborator and friend Flume ︎︎︎ more

    What's he doing? He's baagin em up. Baauer's Vaalentines Daay gift, just for you︎︎︎ more

    Hudson Mohawke
returns with Valentines Slow Jams 13 (Night Country) ︎︎︎ more

    "...all packed up into a crunchy hard candy that reflects the LuckyMe approach: vibrant, playful and international”  – Resident Advisor  |  The new EP by Sunareht, Youth, is out now on vinyl, digital download and streaming platforms ︎︎︎ more

    Kicking off 2024 with a new EP from Sunareht. Youth contains six fizzing, heavyweight club cuts reflecting the vanguard of French dance music. Vinyl out on Fri 2 Feb, pre-order now and stream new track Break Bandits ︎︎︎ more

    Shawn Reynaldo writes a beautiful article on Big-Room Sad touching on Jacques Greene, Nathan Micay, Doss and the label ︎︎︎ more

    A much requested reissue of Cashmere Cat's 2014 EP Wedding Bells. Limited to 1000 clear vinyl copies ︎︎︎ more

    Incoming transmission from Iglooghost... “In A Seedy Coastal Town. It’s Right In The Eye Of A Strange Glowing Magnetic Storm. The Sea Has Become Plagued With Unidentified Gunk, + Strange Otherworldly Garbage Is Being Washed To Shore. The Town Is Now Mostly Populated By Splinter Groups Of Rogue Junk-Hoarding Skrap Weirdos” ︎︎︎ more

    Newcomer Sunareht's latest single Promises get a mega remix from Lunice. Bang it ︎︎︎ more

    Welcoming Sunareht to the LUCKYME® Family. Co-founder of the Parisian label Paradoxe Club, he makes cutting-edge, forward thinking dance music that blends Ed Banger-era House with Hyperpop and Post-Dubstep sound design. The first single Promises featuring collaborator and Aphex Twin favourite Le Dom is out now ︎︎︎ more

    Surprise drop from Lunice. Winnebago EP is a package of previously unreleased bonus tracks and remixes from his album OPEN, plus a brand new video for the track Winnebago where Lu goes into full UFO conspiracy mode︎︎︎ more

    A previously unreleased remix by 3024 label boss Martyn of Nosaj Thing's We Are (우리는) is out today to mark the anniversary of Continua ︎︎︎ more

    Today Nosaj Thing releases Continua (Deluxe) featuring gorgeous instrumental versions of all the songs︎︎︎ more

    Brand new Baauer. Can I Say is a strutting filter house belter, originally conceived on his popular Twitch stream. And by all means download The Baag: a new series of looseys, acapellas and collectibles. Handpicked, just for you , by Harry Rodrigues Esq ︎︎︎ more

    KUČKA fan favorite goes official: All The Things She Said ︎︎︎ more

    Nathan Micay's track To The God Named Dream remixed by sound artist, DJ and good pal JASSS. Stripping the track of all its twinkling poignancy, we’re instead thrown into a world of dark euphoria, full of deep bass arps and neck-snapping breaks ︎︎︎ more

    Nosaj Thing and Jacques Greene team up for Too Close with Ouri ︎︎︎ more

    It's Baauhaus summer baby! Thumping new single <3 <3 <3 is out today. Hand made - just for you - by Harrison Rodrigues aka Baauer ︎︎︎ more

    Nathan Micay
's second album To The God Named Dream is out today. His most ambitious project yet: the album draws from his ongoing score work for HBO (most noteably the Sydney Sweeney feature Reality); amplified by his love of RPG soundtracks, classic pop and club music. Resident Advisor calls it “... a career-spanning victory lap for Micay. Built around his usual soaring synths and stargazing arpeggios, it’s also filled with nimble, clubbish rhythms and goofy sleights of hand”. And simply, “Nathan Micay’s best record yet︎︎︎ more

    Fresh Summer LUCKYME® 2023 clothing available now ︎︎︎ more

    Nathan Micay gives Fangs the dance floor treatment. Fangs (Club Mix) ︎︎︎ more

    Baauer is back for the summer: Nothing's Ever Real ft Betsy ︎︎︎ more

    LUCKYME® Records was founded 16 years ago today

    New Nathan Micay single If Wishes Were Fishes, Then We'd All Cast Nets is out today. From forthcoming album To The God Named Dream out August 4th.︎︎︎ more

    3AM by Baauer AJ Tracey just certified a silver single in the UK, sailing through 200,000 units ︎︎︎ more

    Lunice is back! His second album OPEN is out now ︎︎︎ more

    Nosaj Thing premiered the Continua live show with Daito Manabe at Sonar by Night. Then Hud Mo played Numbers in Barcelona with Nikki Nair, OK Williams and Ben UFO 

    S-Type has produced two songs on Amaarae’s Fountain Baby, awarded Best New Music on Pitchfork ︎︎︎ more

    Summer-ready cuts from Hud Mo and Nikki Nair. Set the Roof is out now on digital and limited custom USBs︎︎︎ more

    Lunice enlists Edinburgh producer Dansa for a mind-bending, club-ready remix of No Commas ︎︎︎ more

    Two incredible live performances by Eli Keszler have been commited to digital album and two limited edition cassettes︎︎︎ more

    Announced Nathan Micay - To The God Named Dream: a brand new album from the DJ and producer who has quickly risen up the ranks of film and tv composition in the last few years. On this new album Nathan synthesises all his influences into a demented electronic album of the year, accompanied by a cursed original board game within the packaging. This Summer we invite you to roll the dice ︎︎︎ more

   Cry Cry Cry’is KUČKA's unique brand of pop, digital soul, and avante-electronica; production that fizzes like sherbet ︎︎︎ more

    Jacques Greene returns with the ultrabold new single, Believe, in advance of a run of European club shows ︎︎︎ more

    Hudson Mohawke’s wretched Valentines Slow Jams returns for it’s 12th Chapter ︎︎︎ more

    Nosaj Thing’s acclaimed new album Continua is out on vinyl & CD this month. An album of the year at The FADER, Bandcamp, Passion Of The Weiss, Benji B & more. Order Continua now ︎︎︎ more

    You may have missed this amongst the avalanche of holiday content but we released Nathan Micay’s Industry Season 2 OST for HBO’s hit show ︎︎︎more

    Hud Mo’s Cry Sugar was listed as an album of the year at Wire, Time Out, DJ, Loud & Quiet, Beatport, Stranger Than Paradise, Resident Advisor & The FADER ︎︎︎ more

    Advent 2022 is live ︎︎︎ more

    Rustie plays Numbers at the Sub Club in Glasgow alongside Marie Davidson, OK Wiliams and Spencer ︎︎︎ more

    We spoke to film-maker Ruth Paxton about her feature debut A Banquet which features brand new music from S-Type ︎︎︎ more

    Nosaj Thing’s first album for LUCKYME® is out today. Two years in the making, we hope you enjoy Continua. This has been an important record for the team. We’re proud of you Jason ︎︎︎ more

bring you 4 New Hit Songs *Remixes, a reprise for her breakout EP featuring collaborative remixes with Hudson Mohawke, Plush & Rye Rye. She said of the project: “4 New Hit Songs was written in bedrooms; each song focused on the interior. After having the opportunity to play these songs in so many different spaces, in different landscapes and environments, I found myself revisiting them, making adjustments here and there, looking towards the exterior.”  Doss plays an LA headline show on Saturday Dec 10 at Don Quixote ︎︎︎ more

    Cid Rim has soundtracked the launch of the ︎ iPhone 14 Pro, with an expanded version of “He Who Runs With The Flock...” from his last ep, Songs For Vienna. The song can be heard in the keynote and TV advert throughout America ︎︎︎ more

    Nosaj Thing has announced his 5th album Continua - featuring a stellar ensemble cast including HYUKOH, Toro y Moi, Kazu Makino (Blonde Redhead), serpentwithfeet, Sam Gendel, Coby Sey, Julianna Barwick, Mike Andrews, Slauson Malone, Pink Siifu, Martyn 3024Panda Bear & Eyedress. Continua is out October 28 ︎︎︎ more

    Cameron Morse music video for ‘Each Day’ by director and photographer Yudo Kurito. The two artists have an ongoing relationship through the bi-annual publication Comfort Mag ︎︎︎more

    Hudson Mohawke
’s 11 year old cult classic cbat, is currently the global number one on the Spotify viral chart. The meme started on a reddit thread where 25 year old called Tyler, describes how he fucked up by playing the song to his girlfriend for two years while having sex. At the time of writing there has been over 90K tik tok videos produced amassing over 129M views. Look, I’m not a holy man but we may have strayed too far from God ︎︎︎ more

    Cameron Morse‘s debut release The Truth Is, out on vinyl & digital today. An anti-ambient treatise from a unique new voice in music and fashion ︎︎︎ more

    Nosaj Thing has completed his fifth album Continua. The shattering first song, Blue Hour ft Julianna Barwick is out today.  JP at The New York Times wrote: "Nosaj Thing — the electronic musician Jason Chung — conjures nothing less than rapture with the multilayered “Blue Hour.” Julianna Barwick sings forgiveness and “flying into bliss” in a track that swathes a brisk, double-time beat in edgeless, reverberating synthesizer chords, her voice answered by the raw tone of a viola, balancing the ethereal and the earthy”︎︎︎ more

    Hudson Mohawke
proves he’s still the iconoclast who inspired this very label, with the release of his third album for Warp, Cry Sugar. Critics have recognised Ross’ best album to date : “It is truly extraordinary.”  The Arts Desk ★★★★★, “A timeless, inimitable sound”  - The Guardian"A heady, inventive record" - Sunday Times,  “A broad and diverse exploration of the many faces of electronic music past and present” - The Skinny"Not only is it his most ambitious effort to date, but the closest he’s come to capturing a kind of breathless transcendence" - Our Culture"An ecstatic soundtrack for the end of the world" - RA“This assault of euphoria spins like a fairground waltzer with artillery rumble, playful synths, sampled vocals, ravey chimes and Aphex Twin-style insanity in a whirlwind.” - The Guardian“Very, very special indeed…one of the most sought-after producers in the world”  - Mary Anne Hobbs“It’s not long in the way of some bloated event-rap album, rather in the way of great electronic long-players like Since I Left You or Geogaddi” - Pitchfork ︎︎︎ more 

    The new Baauer single Let Me Love U out today. We brought together an elite team to make this single... the song was wrapped by Baauer and the good italian boys PARISI. Art direction by Sammie Purulak & Phil Gibson with incredible photography by Kyle Berger. Video by our favourite Leia Jospé, with a touch of editing by Cameron Morse and Dominic Flannigan. The song mastered by Stewart Hawkes. It’s a banger and signals the start of bauhaus ︎︎︎ more

    We’re celebrating 15 years of being a label. The SKINNY have written a nice recap about us ︎︎︎ more

    Skee Mask remix of Jacques Greene Relay is out everywhere today ︎︎︎ more

    Eli Keszler performs live at the close of Tribeca Film Festival, alongside the bi-coastal elite podcast duo How Long Gone ︎︎︎ more

    Proud to announce The Truth Is, the debut release by Cameron Morse: the Montreal-based musician whose experiments first created waves as half of Littlebabyangel’s 2015 album Gada - released as a mixtape within an email chain letter. Following a standout remix on Jacques Greene’s Dawn Chorus, his debut ep expresses a political motive behind Cameron's practice: his music, fashion design, writing and digital painting ︎︎︎ more

    LUCKYME® music features within the ︎ WWDC’22 ︎︎︎ more

    Eli Keszler has scored Harka, a new film by Lotfy Nathan. The film premiered at Cannes in May ︎︎︎ more

    Kučka returns today with Messed Up, a new single launched on Triple J last night. Alongside the record isa string of new live dates including a unique AV headline of Sydney Opera House as part of Vivid Live ︎︎︎ more

    Just announced Omega Sapien’s new record WUGA, out May 25 featuring Vernon of SEVENTEEN and Sega Bodega. All tracks produced by Baauer. Artwork by Braulio Amado. Omega Sapien’s group, Balming Tiger, are touring Europe this month. Watch the video for first single, Jenny, now ︎︎︎ more

    S-Type drops brand new music. The gospel-sampling monster Be Where You Are is out now
︎︎︎ more 

    Kučka played Coachella with Flume and Vince Staples last night ︎︎︎ more

    Cid Rim soundtracked the launch of the Mac Studio in last night’s Apple Keynote. His new EP, Songs For Vienna is out today. Clemens debuts in North America next week, appearing at a number of shows at SXSW. And we announced his next London headline on May 19 at Peckham Audio ︎︎︎ more

    Baauer’s Hot44 taken from the album Planet’s Mad, features in the club scene in Robert Pattinson’s The Batman (2022) 

    Cid Rim returns with a new 5 track EP, Songs For Vienna: the answer to his acclaimed album of 2021. Where Songs Of Vienna was the product of his city Songs For Vienna is a lament to his city. Written and produced at his new home of East London, his brand new ep folds r&b into the fresh sound Bacher established last year. The record has an implicit sense of movement: running with the flock, 4AM walks, riding the underground: all liminal spaces that naturally draw out introspection. As Jung once wrote: “who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes” ︎︎︎ more

    Hudson Mohawke
returns to his Valentines Slow Jams mixtape series after 5 long, hard years. Free download → more

    New season of clothing announced. Spring Summer ‘22 ~ PoMo Appro-Apropos?. Fakes of fakes of fakes. Step into the mind of a mad record label → more

    Announced (LM087) Jacques Greene - Fantasy. Featuring Joel Ford, Satomimagae and Leanne Macomber, with artwork by Noah Baker - this record pulls JG yet further into ambient and downtempo influences.  The first single Taurus premiered at UK radio with Mary Anne Hobbs on BBC 6Music, and was covered by The New York Times, Pitchfork and The FADER. Fantasy is out digitally January 28, and on forest green vinyl on April 8. Vinyl comes with an exclusive track. You can also order a limited Vinyl Me Please edition of the record on acid yellow vinyl → more

    Advent Compilation charted #7 album in the world on the official debut album chart on Spotify

    End Of Years: Pitchfork Songs of the Year (x2), Best Jazz & Experimental Albums, Best Progressive Pop AlbumsTidal Best Electronic 2021DAZED 20 Best Tracks of the YearNPR Favourite Albums of the Year, Best Electronic Music. The Guardian Best Songs of 2021The FADER Best Songs Of The YearBleep Album of the Year

    Our new capsule collab with Eden Power Corp is live. Sold worldwide through Slam Jam or via Eden’s store: these products are built better, stronger and sustainable. Built to age, while the packaging simply dissolves in water → more

Another year done… we’re proud to present Advent 21, our twelfth showcase featuring the whole family as we continue to change how things sound → more

    Eli Keszler has released the soundtrack to Dasha Nekrasova’s debut feature, The Scary of Sixty First: winner of the Best First Feature at the Berlin Film Festival 2021 ︎︎︎ more

    Virgil’s last DM said “must resurface all foundational material”. The ultimate post-cool ambassador: Virgil was kind. Generous. Earnest. And honest about his influences. No arrogance. No ironic detachment. The fan who saw that the way people gain context was changing, and as avatar he could stir desire by expressing his love of culture. He understood he could flatten it all on ig. I’ve been thinking about the stories I’ve taken for granted: I remember showing him S-Type’s Billboard cover before we went to print. And we talked about high/low a decade ago, suspended in Emil’s studio three floors above a Chelsea gallery. Cruel Summer spilled into the halls while we sat there talking about breaking into institutions or becoming one. You will be sadly missed

    Eli Keszler’s Icons has been award Bleep’s ‘Album of the Year’. To celebrate, Eli Keszler, Nolan Thies and Dražen Bošnjak have created a Mach1 Spatial edition of Icons+ on a customised app to experience the album in unmatched detail. Alongside these new mixes are a range of new products that expand the album from a mono cassette to a scented candle with Joya Studio in Brooklyn. Explore the full range here → more

    A new power ballad from TNGHT called Tums just dropped, alongside announcement of a last minute LA show this Saturday → more

    A new article for the site: “there was space in the city for everything to develop”. We asked Jonas Vogt to unpack what’s going on in Vienna: a scene that never got a dumb genre name painted on it → more

    ANTH01: a collection of Tracks from early out of print Jacques Greene 12”s spanning the first 10 years of his career. Featuring the classics that introduced him to the world - The Look and Another Girl -  as well as collaborations with Koreless and How To Dress Well tracks from his releases on 3024, Night Slugs and his own Vase imprint and two new exclusive lost tracks from the era ︎︎︎more

    A decade since he first appeared on LUCKYME®. Lunice brings special editions of his first 3 EPs - Stacker Upper, One Hunned and 180º.  He has raided the archives and made unreleased tracks available for the first time. These new expanded deluxe vinyl versions also include significant remixes from the likes of Rustie and Girl Unit.  Vinyl/Tshirt Bundles available in the store → more

    Today we announce the new album by Clemens Bacher aka CID RIM, Songs from Vienna is a psychedelic ride from the Austrian capital.

For around a decade Clemens has built a scene in Vienna for jazz influenced electronic music. Working as songwriter and producer with Petite Noir, Denai Moore and Damon Albarn over the last five years it became natural to involve his own voice in his music. When we started receiving demos from Clem, featuring hazy beach boys harmonies we knew his music was daring to evolve.

Songs of Vienna, out October 15, is an album of the year. It feels like the world at the moment... saturated with history and daring to leap into the future for answers. These songs work as intimate pop records - a young man moving to London and reflecting on his home town. Or treaties on a symbolic Vienna: colonialism, social democracy and the climate disaster. But the album is refreshing, full of life and sonically unmatched: with live instrumentation and choirs brewed into his electronic compositions, Clemens has made a brave leap forward. And you gotta hear this thing  → more

    Baauer (Harry) & RL Grime (Henry) collab released today with our friends at Sable Valley to commemorate their headline at HARD Summer → more

    Jacques Greene & Doss head up LA mainstay Lights Down Low in secret location

    Interview Mag attends Doss’ New York headline show with Shayne Oliver, Goth Jafar, Abby & Nick Leon → more

    Proud to release the new album by NYC percussionist & composer Eli Keszler. Icons out June 25: a latticework of melodic percussion, drum set, and electro-acoustic instrumentation, built upon fragments of American abstraction, ancient scales, industrial percussion and jazz-age film noir to achieve its feeling of imperial decay. Keszler’s instrumental performances are framed by panoramic recordings of New York City and the Odyssey Cave. Expansive music that takes on forms difficult to describe outside of the loss and wonderment that defines our age → more

    Proud to announce KUČKA’s debut album is out today. The Guardian gave Wrestling lead review: “Wrestling sounds like nothing else out this year, which shouldn’t be surprising given that its author is a conduit for the most cutting-edge sounds in the world.” → more

    We’ve been in touch since 2013 but it feels like the right time for Doss to release music on LUCKYME®. Four New Hit Songs out May 7 → more

    Lunice completes a triptych of wild new singles with the release of Get Right, alongside another great video by Lu’ and Cameron Morse → more

    We launched a new section of our site dedicated to great music writing from friends of the label. The series starts with R.C. Clarkes piece Microtuning. In his own words, a piece “... about tuning our ears to some frequencies of blackness we may have forgotten about.”  → more

    Jacques Greene posted a 6 second clip of new song Promise to NFT art platform, Foundation. The owner of the file also gains the publishing rights to the track. An original application for NFT and the prospects of Web3, Promise sold for 13ETH (worth $24,300 at the time of sale) and was covered by Music Week, First Floor, RA and DJ Mag. The project raises many questions about the value of music. We explore those themes in detail, here → more

    To launch our new page on Foundation we minted an original illustration from our first release, Hudson Mohawke Says Oops!

    KUČKA announced her debut album out on LUCKYME® in April, via BBC R1X premiere with Jamz Supernova. In Australia the new single No Good For Me was premiered on Triple J → more

    Good day for TNGHT. Hud Mo launched a clothing collab with Braindead and jumped up on their NTS show. Lunice dropped new single Run Around

    Baauer gives as good as he gets on Them Jeans and Chris Black’s How Long Gone podcast → more

    We met Sophie in 2013 around the release of Nothing More To Say. Quiet, smart and iconoclastic - her talent was obvious. When putting on these shows - stressful showcases running around foreign cities -  we take for granted the trust we gain for each other. To discuss how you were to perform was to understand how you wanted to present. It lead to conversations about art and music that became the basis of our friendship. Sophie, we love you and would of loved to see where you would take us.

    Advent Calendar 2020 is out everywhere. Buy it from bandcamp. 50% of the profit goes to the artists. The other 50% goes to charity → more

    A CID RIM song premiered in Apple’s launch for the AirPod Max. The track’s a hint of what’s to come from Clemens. We can’t wait to let you hear this album

    In collaboration with HBO, Badwolf and the BBC - LuckyMe proudly present Nathan Micay’s official soundtrack to ‘Industry’, a series centered on new graduates finding their place in the hedonistic world of international banking. The score is Nathan’s best work to date: a timeless, evoactive synth score due to receive a lot of attention → more

    As a thank you to fans for the support this year, Baauer drops a 19 track mixtape of tracks made live on Twitch - hosted by comedian Patti Harrison → more

    Planet’s Mad by Baauer has been nominated for Best Electronic / Dance Album Of The Year at the 2020 GRAMMYS®  → more

    Jason Chung releases an ep of beats and ambient electronics, evocative of Susumu Yokota & Angelo Badalamenti...  → more

    Lunice jumps up on Kenny Beats Twitch to host the beat battle  → more

    Baauer guests on DJ Doug Pound’s podcast  → more

    KUČKA drops a new single with a premiere at Triple J. A record about continual growth, Ascension video from director Dillon Howl → more

    Clemens Bacher aka CID RIM returns to LUCKYME® with a glowing new single. The track featured in Apple’s new keynote → more

    James Stinson passed on this day 18 years ago. A thread in memory of one of the greatest artists of Detroit electronic music → more

    A week-long intensive producer camp for women and non-binary producers of color → more

    After ten years of friendship, Jason Chung aka Nosaj Thing signs to LUCKYME®. New single For the Light out now → more

    Hudson Mohawke drops another surprise album, purging the devil’s PC for Warp → more
(LM109) RELEASE DATE 17.05.24

Nikki Nair – Snake

   Nikki Nair marks his debut release on LUCKYME®. Snake EP sees his amorphous sound spread even further in a six-track riot of noisy hardware slammers. The EP title a nod to the Nair family, who adopt the serpent as their guardian, this release is a far cry from his recent 'song of the summer' with Hudson Mohawke, Set The Roof. Instead, we’re treated to a wild ride of rasping, swaggering tracks for only the most depraved dance floor moments.

“The snake has been a very important part of my life. The ethnic group that my family is a part of worships snakes, and there is a mythology of the Nairs being descended from them. In the west they are usually a symbol of evil - like in the Bible. But for me, they feel like a symbol of my life-force - and growing up around Christian churches in a very Christian area, I always identified with the snake from the Adam and Eve story and felt like the snake was the protagonist.” ︎︎︎ more

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